Technical Surveillance Counter Measures/Debugging

Our team of specialists in TSCM had the experience in identifying over 100 types of bugs used by amateurs and professionals, which can be concealed in ceilings, power boxes, sockets, wirings, fire or smoke detectors, picture frames, clocks, stationery, toys, etc.

Our advanced equipment are able to detect live bugs, phone taps up to 8 GHz. With our infra-red device, we can detect live or dead covert cameras/video cameras concealed in any object. We are also able to detect tracking devices places in cars or any other objects utilising digital technology.

Reminder: Do not call us from your mobile/office/home phone. Do not discuss your intention to conduct a TSCM at your office, at home or in your car. Do not attempt to search for the suspected bug/tap yourself.

Investigative Mystery Shoppers Programme

Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP performs Investigative Mystery Shoppers Programme for several objectives/requirements that the clients may not be able to find out otherwise. Operatives of Commercial Investigations LLP are well-trained to conduct investigations in this programme. Not everyone is suitable to conduct investigative approaches in such programme without proper training and knowledge of the relevant product/service. Depending on the type of trade or service of clients, only operatives suitable for the investigation will be assigned.

Under circumstances when no suitable operatives could be assigned for the programme such as age group, nationality, etc., Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP has well-trained decoys to fit into the operation. The following are objectives of such programme:

  • Determine the level of services provided by their sales staff
  • Determine whether the sales staff conduct sales according to their basic requirements and expectation
  • Determine the product knowledge of the sales staff
  • Determine whether the sales staff understand the needs/requirements of potential customers
  • Determine the mannerism of sales staff
  • Determine the compliance of discounts stipulated by client
  • Evaluate staff performance
  • Determine whether dealers/subsidiaries are involved in sales of competitors’ products
  • Determine whether sales of products are declared to the principal/company.

Computer / Mobile Phone Data Forensics

In today’s fast moving world, computers and mobile phones are used daily in the business world and even students. Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP has developed a specialised team to recover deleted evidence from computers and mobile phones.

Whether it is pertaining to commercial related matters or infidelity issues, one may `delete’ or `reformat’ his computer. You may ask an IT guy to check the computer hoping to recover some evidence. He may check the computer and declare that much of the information you require is already not available. Our specialised team will attempt to recover the following:

  • Deleted files
  • Deleted emails
  • Deleted pictures/video clips
  • Websites visited
  • Files downloaded
  • Unallocated files


Case 1

During a raid on a company on a intellectual property rights infringement case, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP conducted computer forensics on a seized computer. In the deleted files of the system, we recovered vital information leading to the details of the supplier of counterfeit goods.

Case 2

After conducting surveillance for 5 days on a man suspected to be committing adultery, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP did not find any evidence of infidelity. After advising the spouse that we should conduct forensics on the man’s laptop, she agreed. In his laptop, we recovered evidence of infidelity in the form of pictures and emails that had been deleted.

Case 3

A client handed us a mobile phone of her husband. She had checked the phone but could not find anything against her husband whom she believed to be having an affair. Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP retrieved deleted SMSes between her husband and a 3rd party. The messages contained explicit details of the affair.

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