Matrimonial Investigations

Since 1990, Commercial Investigations LLP has extensive experience and proven method of evidence gathering in numerous matrimonial investigation cases. We have 7 teams of investigators specialised in using the latest state of the art equipment to gather evidence of infidelity. Two of the teams are headed by a female senior investigator who has been handling matrimonial investigation cases since 1990.

Case 1: I stole him back from his mistress

After intensive investigations conducted by Commercial Investigations LLP, evidence on adultery was gathered. In addition, background information on the mistress with whom the client’s husband was seeing was obtained. Based on the adverse information on the mistress, the client managed to win back her husband.

Case 2: Eye my wife, pay my PI

Reported landmark case undertaken by Commercial Investigations LLP reported in The New Paper on 23 Nov, 2003 which our client sued his wife's lover to the High Court and the Judge ordered the lover to pay half of the PI Fees as according to the Judge, the wife was equally responsible to the commitment of the adultery.

Case 3: PI rescued my marriage

The client's husband was involved in a relationship with a foreign girl. After gathering intelligence on the girl such as her likings, etc. the PI infiltrated the foreign girl and managed to cut her off the relationship with the client's husband.

Case 4: So what if you are married

A local professional was posted to work in foreign country. His wife resigned from her job and went to the foreign country with her husband as an expatriate’s wife. Her husband got involved with a local girl who worked in a related company. Even knowing that the man was married and his wife was in the same country with him, the local girl nonchalantly started a relationship with him. The man was splitting his time between his wife and the local girl. We gathered the evidence of infidelity against the man. Those times he claimed to be working overtime, having business meetings, entertainment and overseeing projects in another province were in fact spent with the local girl.

Case 5: I have time for both of you

The businessman husband of client spent every night at home but his wife highly suspected he was seeing someone. We trailed her husband picking up a female (whom we later gathered to be a single local girl and a professional), checked into a 5-star hotel and asked for late check-out on the following day. They spent several hours in the hotel room, the husband left at midnight and returned home. He left his home the next morning and returned to the hotel room. Besides obtaining evidence of infidelity, we also have video footage of the couple behaving intimately at the hotel pool till they checked-out.

Case 6: Further damage stopped in time

A wealthy businessman had a mistress half his age. Besides obtaining evidence of adultery, we gathered that he had purchased a condominium unit and a continental car for her, both fully paid for. The client managed to stop further damage as the businessman was about to buy a home for his mistress at Sentosa Cove.

Case 7: Phone forensics lead to direct confrontation

The client’s husband deleted messages from his mobile phone. After our phone forensics conducted, it confirmed that her husband had a relationship with a foreign woman. The client wanted a direct confrontation when her argumentative husband was with his mistress. We trailed her husband who met up with his mistress at a foreign country. Adultery evidence had been gathered when her husband was staying with his mistress in a hotel in the foreign country. On the day of the check-out, the client appeared right in front of her husband and his mistress while they were leaving their room hand-in-hand.

Case 8: Oops, that was my ex-boyfriend

After evidence of adultery was gathered against her husband, the client forgave him and wanted to continue with the marriage - provided that her husband had a clean break with the foreign girl, who worked here. However, he was still financing her. With our intelligence, the client who was with her husband bumped into the girl who was with her new boyfriend. The client’s husband stopped financing the foreign girl.

Case 9: Don’t you dare leave me

A married man who was posted overseas to set up an office got into a relationship with a woman. The man’s wife discovered the affair but forgave him. When the man requested for a clean break, the woman threatened to inform his employer, which would cost him his job and reputation. After our fact findings against the woman, she felt that the stakes were too high for her to risk her reputation. In the end, the woman left the client’s husband for good.

Case 10: Civil Servant third party

A man who suspected his wife of having an affair engaged us. He was furious when we presented the evidence of his wife’s affair with a civil servant. The client had since divorced his wife and the civil servant had no choice but to leave his job.

Case 11: I love you (and many others)

A man who claimed to be deeply in love with his wife was found having an affair with a female colleague through our investigations. The man appeared to be remorseful for the betrayal and pleaded for his wife’s forgiveness when she wanted a divorce. As the wife was about to forgive him, she instructed us to conduct another round of investigations for more assurance of her husband. However, further investigations revealed that he was in a new relationship with a different colleague. The wife sued her husband for adultery.

Case 12: Happily ever after

A wife won back her husband of 30 years from a young foreign woman who almost broke up the family. The husband confessed to his wife about his relationship with the foreign woman. He wanted to leave the family and the country to be with her. In our investigations conducted on him whilst he was overseas with the foreign woman, it was revealed that the woman held an executive job. The investigations continued in his absence and she was found to be constantly looking out for better men. The husband eventually found this out. He returned to his wife and is now faithfully devoted to his family.

Case 13: A leopard never changes its spots

A forgiving wife who could no longer tolerate her husband’s extra-marital affairs engaged us to gather evidence of his adultery. He was keeping a foreign woman who was a prostitute. When confronted, the husband claimed that they loved each other and that she had stopped being a prostitute. The wife gave instructions for further investigations to be conducted on the prostitute which revealed that she was still providing sexual services behind her lover’s back.

Case 14: High alert

A foreign female client of high profile was in the verge of a divorce with her husband who was finding all possible ways to end the marriage. The client knew about her husband’s affair and cautioned us that her husband was extremely alert as he held a high position in security industry. She accepted our advice of deploying extra men for the surveillance. Her husband was indeed extremely alert and cautious. But the effort paid off as we managed to obtain photographic evidence of her husband and his lover entering the same room of a 5-star hotel and leaving on the following day even though the husband was extra alert whilst with his lover.

Case 15: Too close for comfort

A young businessman who saw a photo of his wife taken with her boss to be too close for comfort. Although having a blissful marriage, he wanted to find out the truth. His wife was indeed having an affair with her boss. They had checked in hotels discreetly. The wife had told the client that she had been having meetings during those time spent in hotels with her boss.

Case 16: Have a toy, I have a boy, I have a toy-boy

A local businessman married a foreign wife for 10 years. She had become a permanent resident. His suspicion was aroused when the frequency of his wife’s visits to her parents at her country of origin increased. Through our investigations, it was gathered that his wife had been having an affair with a young man more than 10 years her junior. Moreover, she had been bringing her lover back to the apartment purchased for her by the client and she had purchased a car for her lover. The furious client flew over while we maintained 24 hours surveillance on the apartment (his wife and her lover were in the apartment). When the client and our operatives entered the apartment, the lover was not seen. However, there was a pair of man’s shoes not belonging to the client in the apartment. After searching the 3-room apartment, the lover was found hidden in one of the spare rooms, among bedroom items in a wardrobe. The couple had since divorced.

Case 17: Saved from suicide

A client in her 40s with 2 teenage children was devastated when she discovered that her husband was having an affair and worst of all, the affair took place at a second property of theirs. She was suicidal but we managed to calm her. Through intensive investigations and background check, the mistress was found to have another lover besides the client's husband. With the information obtained, we applied our tested and proven methods and the client's husband severed ties with the mistress and was back with the client.

Case 18: Adverse report of 3rd party saved marriage

A housewife suspected her husband to be having an affair with a foreigner. After several days of surveillance with evidence of adultery gathered, it was learnt that the client's husband and his lover had arranged for a trip back to her hometown. Commercial Investigations LLP gathered full background of the 3rd party whom the client's husband seemed to have the intention to maintain. The client decided to confront her husband based on the adverse background of the 3rd party. Her husband became very remorseful and promised his wife that he would stop the relationship with his lover.

Case 19: Tranquil departure of 3rd party

A foreign lady flew here to instruct Commercial Investigations LLP together with her son, daughter and a family friend. She wanted investigations to be conducted on her husband who was involved with a married woman back home. Her primary objective was to win back her husband. With our vast experience in handling such matter, we managed to propel the married woman to a tranquil departure from the client's husband.

Case 20: You are still our daughter

A concerned couple wanted to locate their missing grown-up daughter who was a professional. Their daughter had known a man who was a compulsive gambler recently. The man was said to be heavily in debt. After several days of investigations, the clients' daughter was found gambling with her boyfriend at a casino at a 5-star hotel in a foreign country. Surveillance was mounted around the clock till the parents flew over and brought their daughter back.

Case 21: Leave him, I'll forgive you

A client suspected that his wife who was a teacher to be having a relationship with a colleague. Upon confronting his wife, she strongly denied the relationship and stressed that they were merely colleagues and the relationship was platonic. After 5 days of surveillance, we confirmed the client's suspicion. His wife was indeed having a relationship with her colleague. The client confronted his wife with the evidence gathered. She relented and confessed to the affair. She asked for forgiveness and promised to have a clean break. The client agreed to forgive her on the condition that the third party's wife got to know about the affair, which his wife agreed.

Case 22: Gay lover caught be law

A married man was stalked and harassed by his gay lover causing distress to his whole family. Commercial Investigations LLP was engaged to gather evidence of the harassment or any other evidence to help him on the matter. Besides gathering evidence that the gay lover was harassing the client, the gay lover was caught committing an indecent act in the public with another man. The police was called and both the gay lover and the other man were arrested.

Case 23: 2-year affair severed in less than 1 month

A Client's husband admitted to her that he had been involved in a relationship with a divorcee for the past 2 years upon being confronted. Besides the admission, he had requested for a divorce. Besides obtaining evidence of adultery and establishing the background of the third party, the Client was coached by us of how to deal with her husband and the third party. Within a month, the Client's husband pleaded for her forgiveness, decided to return to the Client and severed tie with the third party.

Case 24: Man could win custody too

Facing with an uphill task over an acrimonious fight for custody of a young child, a businessman engaged us to gather evidence for his fight. Based on the evidence that we obtained proving his wife being unfit for the physical and psychological well-being of the child, the Client gained sole custody of the child.

Case 25: Who is telling the truth

The client’s husband was involved in a relationship with a foreign girl. His wife found out and confronted him. He told his wife that he would have a clean break with the girl. After obtaining evidence of infidelity against the client’s husband, our advanced equipment recorded conversations between him and the foreign girl. In actual fact, he did not want to break-off with the girl. He was often pleading with the girl not to leave him.

Case 26: One man, two families

A client suspected her husband of fooling around during his monthly business trips. We gathered that besides having a mistress in the foreign country of his business trip, he fathered a teenage child with the mistress. That explains his frequent transfer of funds to support the other family. However, the support stops after evidence that the child was not his surfaced after our investigation.

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