Commercial Investigations

Over the years, Commercial Investigations LLP has undertaken a few thousand commercial investigation cases locally and overseas. We have a proven record and we believe in achieving the highest quality of commercial investigation standard.

Below are just a few of the many commercial investigation cases that we had done for our clients.

Case 1: Intellectual Property Infringement And Enforcement

Software pirate ordered to pay plaintiffs $3.2m
A respectable man who was a qualified professional doubled as a copyright infringer by supplying pirated software to 30 retailers. After 10 months of painstaking surveillance, intelligence gathering and investigative interviews, Commercial Investigations LLP busted his hideout.

Case 2: Court battle over kit to detect new HIV strain

After studying the information given by the lawyer, Commercial Investigations LLP made an approach on the local firm, which was suspected to be manufacturing test kits (use to detect HIV virus) infringing the patent of the client. It was then learnt that the specialised kits could only be purchased from a foreign country. After analysing and careful planning, Commerical Investigations LLP managed to obtained the infringing test kits on time.

Case 3: Fraudulent Insurance Claims

A commercial diver injured himself whilst on his job. He claimed a substantial amount claiming that he could no longer earn a living by diving. Commercial Investigations LLP took up the case and obtained evidence that he was still diving.

Case 4: Background Investigations/Due Diligence

An international client instructed Commercial Investigations LLP to check the background of an individual. After our investigations, we reported details of his employment profiles, his history, his corporate ownerships, his neighbourhood profiles, his contacts, his characters, etc. to the client.

Case 5: Breach of Confidentiality/Trade Secret

An ex-employee of the client set up another company in the same trade. Commercial Investigations LLP gathered the evidence of him misusing the client’s documents such as technical drawings, sales contracts and technical knowledge. After 8 days of hearing in court, the ex-employee was ordered to pay damages to the client.

Case 6: Counterfeit Car Spare Parts

A reputable car spare parts company received information that a local firm has been supplying counterfeit car spare parts. Through investigations and surveillance, Commercial Investigations LLP gathered the evidence of sales and storage of the local firm. Arrangement was made with the Intellectual Property Rights Branch of the CID for enforcement. A substantial quantity of counterfeit car spare parts were seized. The company was charged in court and was convicted.

Case 7: Assets Tracing

An individual facing a suit in court claimed that he was unable to pay the cost to the plaintiff. After our investigations, Commercial Investigations LLP managed to trace his assets in a foreign country.

Case 8: Partnership Fraud

A company director suspected another director of diverting business to another firm. After investigations, Commercial Investigations LLP gathered evidence of the subject diverting business to another firm set up by a relative.

Case 9: Tracing of Person/Debtor

A successful man in his 50s engaged Commercial Investigations LLP to trace the whereabouts of a childhood friend. After our intelligence gatherings and searches on our database, we managed to locate his long-lost friend.

Case 10: Identifying Source of Parallel Imported Products

An upset client was determined to find out the source of parallel imported products which affected his sales immensely. After 5 days of investigations and intelligence gatherings, we managed to identify the overseas source.

Case 11: Unfair Competition Monitoring

After receiving numerous complaints of unfair competition among retailers, a client instructed Commercial Investigations LLP to conduct monthly investigations to identify the culprits among the retailers.

Case 12: Sample Purchases with Covert Video Evidence

During a raid on a shop selling counterfeit merchandise, a man claimed that he was a customer. Video footage of covert video recording showed that he was the person who sold a sample prior to the raid.

Case 13: Stakeout paid off

A client was suspicious when he played back the video recordings of his warehouse during weekends. He noted that an employee who did not claim overtime (although he was entitled to) staying back about 2 to 3 Saturdays a month into the wee hours. He also felt that some of his bulky but expensive raw materials were missing. We were engaged to put the plant under surveillance. On the first Saturday, nothing happened. We advised the client that since the employee stayed back late 2 to 3 Saturdays a month, we should continue on the following Saturday. At almost 4 am on the following Saturday, a truck stopped outside the plant. The driver made a call with his mobile phone and thereafter, drove into the plant. The client had informed that there should not be any loading or unloading activities at that timing. When the truck was driving out half an hour later, we confronted it. Besides the driver, the employee was in the passenger seat. The truck was fully loaded with the bulky and expensive raw materials. The police was called and the duo were arrested.

Case 14: Source of defamatory letter

A client’s head office overseas received a defamatory letter against him. The client had a prime suspect; he had terminated the employment of a manager of a business he was running. Through surveillance and recovery of the source of the defamatory letter, forensics conducted on the source confirmed the sender to be the client's prime suspect. The client pursued the matter against the manager based on our findings.

Case 15: Aggressive party cried wolf

The client was charged as a road bully for causing hurt to another driver over a road rage incident. He stood firm and maintained that besides an exchange of words and gestures, he did not lay a finger on the ‘victim’. We managed to trace the ‘victim’ and obtained evidence that his injury was self-inflicted to get even with the client.

Case 16: Raise a false alarm due to exasperation

A locksmith who accompanied a bailiff to the client’s residence apparently felt that he was intimidated and accused the client of kicking him. The client maintained that he had paid for a service and was furious that the locksmith had damaged his lock to gain entry into his residence even though he had informed the latter he was on his way to the main gate via the intercomm. The locksmith made a report and the client was charged for causing grievous injury. Evidence gathered through our investigations assisted the client in getting an acquittal of the charge.

Case 17: Evidence by video recording

A local distributor of a product used for storage facility wanted evidence of the wrong-doings by a local firm involved in shipping out counterfeit products. A sample purchase was not possible since those counterfeit products were meant to be shipped overseas. From surveillance conducted, we trailed the local firm’s truck transporting the counterfeit products and managed to video the products close-up. The video footage was enough for legal action to be taken against the local firm.

Case 18: Amicable parting for restaurateurs

A local partner of a restaurant financed a foreigner to run a restaurant. He was alarmed when sales declined at the restaurant. Through our investigations, it was gathered that the foreigner had been referring customers to another restaurant set up nearby by a friend. Based on our findings, the local partner approached the foreigner who admitted to his doings and bought over the whole restaurant which was ultimately what the local partner wanted.

Case 19: Pirated educational materials

A client was furious that his copyrighted educational materials were distributed and sold at numerous locations islandwide. After securing the evidence of infringement, search warrants from the Subordinate Courts were obtained against those outlets involved in the sale of the infringing materials. Our investigators and the police raided those outlets and seized the infringing materials. The person who was involved in the distribution of the infringing materials was identified.

Case 20: Substantial quantity of household products seized

A top law firm instructed Commercial Investigations LLP to secure sample purchases of a certain brand of counterfeit household product. Besides securing the sample purchases, the importer of the counterfeit products was identified. Search warrants from the Subordinate Courts were obtained. Our investigators and the police raided the importer's warehouse and about 20,000 counterfeit items were seized.

Case 21: Extortioner backs off

A high profile chairman was being 'extorted' for a 5-figure amount by a foreign lady residing in Singapore for an agreement he could not fulfil. The client tried in vain to locate her so as to have a mutual settlement as she had moved away from her last known address. The client did not have the intention to pay her as his view was that if he were to pay her, she would continue asking him for more in due course. We managed to trace the lady's new residence and also found that she was residing there with her husband and teenage son. With the new address and other information of the lady, the client approached her and they had an amicable settlement. The client had not paid her anything.

Case 22: Clients cleared of wrongdoing

A company was being investigated by the authority for allegation of wrongdoing pertaining to dealings in certain commodity. However, the key persons of the company pleaded that they were innocent. They commented that the allegation should have been falsely reported by a rival company that some of their former staff joined. When those former staff were still with them (before joining the rival company), the company had specifically refrained them from conducting themselves from those allegation against the clients. Commercial Investigations LLP was commissioned to conduct investigations against the rival company (and their key personnel), which the client commented that the rival company was in fact committing those allegation of wrongdoing. The clients had since been cleared of the allegation. On the other hand, the founder/CEO of the rival company was reported to have gone missing.

Case 23: Bribery case of manager

A manager in charge of a food outlet within a renowned furniture giant received bribes amounting to more than $2.3 million from a food supplier. The management of the furniture giant had suspected the manager's wrongdoing and engaged Commercial Investigations LLP to conduct investigations. Over several months, evidence against the manager was collated. Besides spending lavishly, he was also a compulsive gambler. The matter was brought to the attention of the authority. The manager claimed trial and was convicted of 80 charges of bribery. He was to pay a penalty of the amount he received and sentenced to 98 weeks imprisonment.

Case 24: Expelled directors seek redress

2 directors of a firm were being outcasted by their fellow directors engaged us to conduct investigations to gather evidence to the maltreatment. We infiltrated a couple of seminars and covertly video recorded evidence of their fellow directors setting up a company of similar trade and even gathered the same clients to attend the seminars.

Case 25: Locating of a 'lost' car

A reputable car distributor of continental cars tried in vain to locate a high-priced car that the owner had defaulted payments for several installments. Searches for the car at the owner's residential and business addresses were fruitless. Through our intelligence gathering and investigative interviews, we managed to find out 3 other locations that the car was known to frequent. Surveillance was mounted at these locations. Our effort paid off after the car was spotted at one of those locations. The Client was duly informed and the car was repossessed.

Case 26: Authorised distributor sells pirated software

An authorised distributor of a well-known software was suspected to be distributing pirated software to dealers and academic institutes. Through our investigations, evidence against the distributor was obtained including determining the location where the pirated software were stored. Search warrants from the Subordinate Courts were obtained. More than 2,000 sets of pirated software were seized.

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