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Evidence Gathering Devices

CI Safety Tracker 01
Never worry about losing your loved ones or belongings like briefcase or big luxury items like car with the help of the newest tracker, CI Safety Tracker 01. Equipped with the latest advanced SirF Star III chip for better accuracy and its unbelievable size of a pager, almost unnoticeable when placed at hidden place.

General Specifications
1.1 Device Size : 45 mm x 66 mm x 25 mm
1.2 Weight: 87 grams
1.3 GSM Module: Dual Band (EGSM 900/1800 Mhz)
1.4 Accuracy: Position Accuracy about 30 metres
1.5 Antenna Type: Internal GSM antenna/Internal GPS Patch antenna
1.6 Operation Time: 16 hours (stand-by mode)

CI Safety Tracker 02
Similar to CI Tracker 01, except that it has longer tracking hours of 60 hours. But the position accuracy would be 300 metres.

General Specifications
2.1 Device Size: 115 mm x 45 mm x 22.5 mm
2.2 Weight: 102 grams
2.3 GSM Module: Dual Band (EGSM 900/1800 Mhz)
2.4 Accuracy: Position Accuracy about 300 metres
2.5 Antenna Type: Omni-directional GPS antenna
2.6 Operation Time: 60 hours (stand-by mode)

Comparison chart showing differences between conventional tracker device and CI Safety Tracker 01 & 02

CharacteristicsConventional GPS Tracking DeviceCI Safety Tracker 01/CI Safety Tracker 02
Portability Conventional Tracker Device is easily detected. The wiring of the vehicle's battery will lead you to the device. CI Safety Tracker 01 & 02 can be placed at any part in or even out of the vehicle. With its small size, it is very difficult to be detected. Moreover, it is wireless.
Accuracy GPS technology in such devices has the accuracy between 300 to 500 meters radius. Moreover, some of such devices need to be faced to the sky. With the advanced SirF Star III chip, the accuracy of the position is about 30 meters radius (CI Tracker 01) / 300 meters radius (CI Tracker 02). Moreover, it does not need to face directly to the sky.
Convenience on retrieval of result

Conventional Tracker requires a monitoring center to go through several processes to locate the position.

CI Safety Tracker 01 & 02 takes less than a minute to locate the position by mobile phone.
Flexibility Conventional Tracker works in one aspect such as being installed in a car. CI Safety Tracker 01 & 02 can be placed in schoolbags, briefcases, etc. CI Safety Tracker 01 & 02 works globally. Anytime, anywhere in the world.

CI Intelligent Cell Phone

The main reason of having a CI Intelligent Cell Phone is probably the Anti Theft feature. If your cell phone is stolen, you will be able to know the details of new SIM cards being inserted inside your stolen phone, and the other party will not know about this capability. Not only that, CI Intelligent Cell Phone can act as your personal silent secretary. Imagine losing important message details, CI Intelligent Cell Phone will keep a back-up copy of both incoming and outgoing messages. Your cell phone acts like a normal cell phone without anyone knowing that you have kept backup copies of messages. Another advantage is CI Intelligent Cell Phone could remotely delete the important data like contacts, messages, images, pictures and videos clips in your cell phone if it is stolen. This is extremely important if confidential information is stored inside your cell phone.

Advantages of having a CI Intelligent Cell Phone over normal cell phone

AbilityNormal Cell PhoneCI Intelligent Phone
New SIM card details - remotely send details of the new SIM card to you (on another cell phone number) No Yes
SMS backup - able to receive a backup copy of incoming and outgoing SMS No Yes
Remote deletion - allows you to remotely delete all contacts/messages/images/video clips and data on your stolen phone No Yes

CI Remote Video
Here we are talking about covert video; it could be in many forms like cell phone, alarm clocks, etc, works perfectly and it could work either standalone or power connected. 3 days of standby operating hours for the standalone version. Small in size, 2 x 4 x 1 inches.

A practical monitoring device to checkup on your maid, your personal room’s security, children or pets. It’s simple! Just send a text message to the CI Remote Video device and instantly receive Multi-Media Service (MMS) message, video clip of what is going on.

CI Security Monitoring Device 01

You could place the device inside your house, your own office, or even inside the car. You will be able to listen remotely on any conversation. CI Security Monitoring Device 01 works by simply dialing to the number placed inside CI Security Monitoring Device 01.

CI Security Monitoring Device 02
Similar to CI Security Monitoring Device 01, CI Security Monitoring Device 02 works when any sound is detected, it will call to a pre-set cell phone number and you will be able to listen in. The device will also record any sound it detects.

CI Security Monitoring Device 03
CI Security Monitoring Device 03 is a cell phone that `answer’ incoming calls from a pre-defined number without ringing, i.e. the phone will answer the call automatically without a ring.

Every time you call the phone from the pre-defined number, the phone will answer the call without a single ring! After the call is answered, you can hear what is happening in the surrounding of the phone on your child.

We have invested time and effort testing and developing all these devices which can help locate your stolen vehicle or find your lost child who wandered away from your sight at crowded places, as well as personal security.
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