Over the years, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP has undertaken thousands of commercial investigation cases both locally and overseas.

In the process, we have helped many clients to obtain evidence against infringements, fraudulent claims and breaches of confidentiality etc.

We have a proven record and we believe in achieving the highest quality of commercial investigation standard.

Rest assured that you will be in good hands if you need any form of commercial investigation done.


Case 1: Intellectual Property Infringement And Enforcement

Software pirate ordered to pay plaintiffs $3.2m
A respectable man who was a qualified professional doubled as a copyright infringer by supplying pirated software to 30 retailers. After 10 months of painstaking surveillance, intelligence gathering and investigative interviews, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP busted his hideout.

Case 2: Court battle over kit to detect new HIV strain

After studying the information given by the lawyer, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP made an approach on the local firm, which was suspected to be manufacturing test kits (use to detect HIV virus) infringing the patent of the client. It was then learnt that the specialised kits could only be purchased from a foreign country. After analysing and careful planning, Commerical Investigations (CPIS) LLP managed to obtained the infringing test kits on time.

Case 3: Fraudulent Insurance Claims

A commercial diver injured himself whilst on his job. He claimed a substantial amount claiming that he could no longer earn a living by diving. Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP took up the case and obtained evidence that he was still diving.

Case 4: Background Investigations/Due Diligence

An international client instructed Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP to check the background of an individual. After our investigations, we reported details of his employment profiles, his history, his corporate ownerships, his neighbourhood profiles, his contacts, his characters, etc. to the client.

Case 5: Breach of Confidentiality/Trade Secret

An ex-employee of the client set up another company in the same trade. Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP gathered the evidence of him misusing the client’s documents such as technical drawings, sales contracts and technical knowledge. After 8 days of hearing in court, the ex-employee was ordered to pay damages to the client.

Case 6: Counterfeit Car Spare Parts

A reputable car spare parts company received information that a local firm has been supplying counterfeit car spare parts. Through investigations and surveillance, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP gathered the evidence of sales and storage of the local firm. Arrangement was made with the Intellectual Property Rights Branch of the CID for enforcement. A substantial quantity of counterfeit car spare parts were seized. The company was charged in court and was convicted.

Case 7: Assets Tracing

An individual facing a suit in court claimed that he was unable to pay the cost to the plaintiff. After our investigations, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP managed to trace his assets in a foreign country.

Case 8: Partnership Fraud

A company director suspected another director of diverting business to another firm. After investigations, Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP gathered evidence of the subject diverting business to another firm set up by a relative.

Case 9: Tracing of Person/Debtor

A successful man in his 50s engaged Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP to trace the whereabouts of a childhood friend. After our intelligence gatherings and searches on our database, we managed to locate his long-lost friend.

Case 10: Identifying Source of Parallel Imported Products

An upset client was determined to find out the source of parallel imported products which affected his sales immensely. After 5 days of investigations and intelligence gatherings, we managed to identify the overseas source.

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